Andrew helps businesses visualize their company data

Andrew helps businesses visualize their company data

Hi 👋, What’s your name and your business?

Andrew Quinn and I am the CEO and Founder of AVA, a platform that assists small and medium business owners to visualise their company data through a series of dashboards.

Can you tell us more about your background on how you started?

I have been working within corporate restructuring and advisory for the last twelve years in Australia. Over the years, it was clear that the majority of clients had a common trait, they did not have the knowledge on how to utilize their own company data and metrics to make decisions on how to run their business. This would typically result in the business either being close to failing or simply fail.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Well, right now we have been accepted in Europe’s #1 accelerator, Startup Wise Guys, so each day starts with a call with the team back in Australia followed by a very intensive day of workshops and meetings. A good day would finish with a quick gym session, but this seems to be a rare occasion at the moment.

What is your biggest lesson learned in SaaS?

So many awesome directions to pivot our product and the features, it can get a little daunting sometimes. I suppose it’s reducing the bigger picture into segments and focusing on one at a time and making that work.

Which tools are your favorite to work with?

I am going to have to be a bit cliché here and say Slack. It just makes working with your team and key players so much easier.

What is your favorite app on your phone?

Does it have to be work-related? Because mine would definitely be an app I use when cooking. Very much my favorite downtime activity.

What is your favorite book?

Again, I will need to be cliché here as well but I can’t go past “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It may have been written in the 30s but it is still so relevant today.

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